About Us

Our spirit comes from our members’ enthusiasm and passion for work. We have an experienced team of specialists who have designed and produced protective and decorative solutions for the construction market for over thirty years.  The advanced capabilities of our young team give us the possibility to shed new light onto classical products as well as those of antiquity. We are driven daily by the desire to search for only the most innovative solutions.

The importance of sharing our services and solutions with the end-user throughout the sales process is a core belief, fundamental to our business.


We give maximum attention to all aspects of our pre-sales service and design.  Moreover, during the most important stages when you are applying our products and implementing each of your projects, we are here to technically assist you all the more.

While offering classic after-sales service for experts, Colorificio Veneto also takes particular care to constantly guide customers going through their first experience with interior design.

"Every great work of art has two faces, one toward its own time and one toward the future, toward eternity. (Daniel Barenboim)

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The mission of Colorificio Veneto is not only to highlight the quality of each of its products, or the professionalism of its staff from production to post customer care.  Our mission is also to search for new materials and ways of developing products. Products which meet the most modern requirements and trends, while respecting the environment.